I am a farm girl from my childhood. I love living in the country with the fresh air and all the farm animals. I especially enjoy the puppies. When I was a young girl I remember having a german shepherd that just showed up at our house. We kept him and took care of him and he became our protector. We called him old Jake. Then when I was a teenager, our family went on vacation out west, and we found another stray dog. He was following us around our picnic table, he was hungry, so we took him in. He traveled with us for the rest of our trip and then on home with us. We named him Boo. Old Boo was a smart dog. We lived in town at that time, and he managed to elude the dog catcher all the time. We would watch him come sit on our porch while the dog catcher was calling him. Smart boy. Lol. So I know the fond memories and fun a dog can bring to children and family. I could tell lots more stories and adventures about me and my dogs, but it is enough to say, dogs are said to be mans best friend. Guess thats because they love you when you are up and when you are down. Kinda like God loves us. So here at puppiesjust4u I enjoy playing with the puppies and watching them grow. There is just something about a little puppy that brings out the best in people and brings a smile to the face.I am located in the beautiful Missouri Ozark's where there are lots of rivers, streams and lakes, oh and lots of puppies too. Raising puppies is hard work but a rewarding job. My little Grandson enjoys the puppies too.So I just have to share pictures of him playing with them. It is so exciting when a new litter is born and bittersweet when they go to their new homes. Working and playing with each puppy creates a bond that is so sweet. I get to know each puppy and it's characteristics, funny how they are all different. So with all that being said, don't miss your chance to enjoy a puppiejust4u.  Have a wonderful day!!