Your puppy can be transported to a major airport nearest you. Most transportation  fees include puppies personal travel kennel that is yours to keep. This transportation is by a third party professional transporter. Puppies cannot be shipped until they are eight (8) weeks of age. My puppies are delivered to the departure airport in a climate controlled environment. In most cases, our puppies experience same day delivery. Extra precautions are taken to ensure that each puppy arrives at his/her new home healthy and sound. Please Note:! Extreme weather conditions, temperature restrictions,logistics, mechanical failure, or other unforeseen events may delay delivery of your puppy. Please understand these conditions and the delay that they may cause are out of our control. The Seller shall not be liable directly or indirectly for any delays that may cause the Buyer inconvenience or financial loss, nor shall any delay be a valid cause for cancellation. Please be understanding of our limitations as we strive to do our best to get your puppy to you! Flexibility on your part is always a big help. Puppies are live animals and extreme temperatures in either direction can delay the transportation process.The airlines will not allow live animals to fly in extreme temperatures. Please be aware that these rules and regulations are made to protect your newest family member! We welcome local pickups. If you are planning to pick your puppy up please contact us at 1-573-201-1303. I strongly encourage you to have your puppy spayed or neutered. However, I don't require that a spay/neuter contract be signed in order for you to become a new puppy owner. I strive to make your puppy buying experience as pleasant and simple as possible. In order to serve you better, I accept payment through PayPal. For more details on how to use PayPal to purchase your puppy please call Glenda at 1-573-201-1303 or e-mail me at: I appreciate you taking the time to look around my site. Powered by